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A Level Biology

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The study of Biology enables the development of many transferable skills. This makes the study of Biology an asset sought by both university and employers. This course grounds students in all the main concepts while also allowing some scope to delve into the more social, medical and environmental aspects of modern Biology. The course enables students to follow careers such as pharmacy, medicine and veterinary science. A Level Biology builds on the concepts and skills developed at GCSE and it is particularly suitable for those who have the skills and knowledge associated with a GCSE Additional Science qualification or equivalent.

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You will explore a variety of subjects in a highly challenging but supportive setting. You will have specialist support with individual projects and peer support during group work sessions. There will be an opportunity for 1:1 support form grade improvement sessions on this course.

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This A Level is essential for Medicine, Veterinary Science, Nursing and Physiotherapy. Life science degree holders become some of the most highly employed post graduates.

Clarendon Sixth Form College : Science & Mathematics

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